How it works?

Sign up and install our software on your computer. Sendsey will automatically send ad messages to your skype contacts and credit the money into your account.

As a partner of our advertising network, you get money for each message sent to every contact in your skype. For example, if you have 1000 friends in your skype, then for each ad message sent to them, 4$ will be credited to your account. Our software will do everything for you on autopilot! All you need to do, is run Skype and Sendsey on your computer.

Affiliate program

Also, you can earn money by inviting other partners. It's very easy! Give them your referral link, it is free to register and start earning money with Sendsey! You will be paid for each ad message sent to contacts of your referrals - 10 levels deep!

The table below shows your passive earnings at every level
1 level 2 level 3 level 4 level 5 level 6 level 7 level 8 level 9 level 10 level
$0,00007 $0,00007 $0,00007 $0,00007 $0,00007 $0,00005 $0,00005 $0,00005 $0,00005 $0,00005
With SENDSEY your earn money two ways:
You earn personally

up to 500$ a month for sending ad messages to your Skype contacts

You earn with affiliate program

for each ad message sent to your referrals skype contacts - 10 levels deep

All this complete hands free!

SENDSEY does all the work!
You get the money!

Start earning money!

Questions and answers (FAQ)
  • Do I understand correctly that the registration is free? Yes! Absolutely! Sign up is free.
  • Can I register more than one account? No. We allow only one registration per partner with a single email and IP address.
  • I have several Skype accounts, can I connect them all? No! Our software connects to only one Skype account.
  • When and how I can withdraw my earnings? All your earned money is automatically credited to your balance in the backoffice. To get your money you have to request withdrawal. We pay through these payment systems: Perfectmoney, Payeer and Payza. The minimum withdrawal amount is 1$.
  • Who are the advertisers? To date, sending ad messages to active Skype contacts are considered the most effective advertising on the Internet. Thousands of online entrepreneurs need an effective and inexpensive advertising. We give them the opportunity to send their ad message to millions of real and active contacts by pressing a single button "Send". The recipe for success is simple: low price + quality contacts to send ad messages to = constant flow of orders and income for you!
  • Will I send ad messages to my contacts manually? No! Sendsey fully automaticly sends messages to your contacts. All you have to do, is to turn on your computer in the morning and run Skype and Sendsey.
  • Doesn't my contacts get spammed by all these ad messages? Each contact in your Skype can recieve maximum up to 10 ad messages a day.
  • Can I also become an advertiser and order ad messages? Yes. Fund your balance, write the ad message, select the number of contacts to send your ad message to, and click "Submit" button. In 5 minutes, your ad message will be received by skype contacts of our partners.
  • Can I use the money earned as a partner to send my ad messages? Yes, of course you can!


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