To sell more you need to promote smart!

However, Internet advertising become more and more expensive. Google Adwords is very sofisticated and expensive, banners and PTC sites don't work anymore, optin ads - expensive and there is no guarantee that emails will get through spam filters.

Other methods either expensive or don't work anymore. The only effective advertising chanel today is sending ad messages to active skype users - it's fast, cheap, easy & it works!

So what do we have to do? All small and medium Internet entrepreneurs, who doesn't have thousands and millions of dollars to spend on advertising?
How can ordinary online businesses to promote their websites?

If you're more than 2 days in the Internet business, you know that the most effective advertising on the Internet today - is sending promotional messages with your offer in it to active skype users.

But to gather a large responsive subscriber list in your skype account, is a long and painful quest. And there is no quarantee that those people will read your messages, because they don't know you and don't trust you!

Yes, you can find on the forums some folks, who send spam to 20000 or even 50000 skype users, but how many of them are real and active users? We tested - from twenty thousand skype users, active were only 10%! Moreover, users don't know you and see your message as a spam, and immediately delete it! As a result, money spent, but no sales!
Sounds familiar?

There is a solution!
We offer you a powerful, efficient, cheap & working method of advertising for your websites.

Sendsey – it's a advertising network, that brings together thousands of skype users and advertisers. Just click "Send" and your ad message instantly will go to all our partners skype contacts! Your ad messages will 100% be read, because all skype users who receive it are online right now! They will click your link in the message and will read your offer on your website! The recipients know the sender and what is very important - trust them! Your ad message appears as a recommendation from a friend, not as advertising or a spam! The process of creating and sending your ad message takes less than 5 minutes!

Sendsey — online service for instant delivery of your ad messages to millions of active skype users!

To get your ad message sent, you need to register, fund your balance, write your ad message and press the "Send" button!

That's it! In 5 minutes, millions of people will read your ad message!


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